About Us

We are Experts in Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Training

Measure Africa -African Continuous Education (ACE) Institute is the training arm of the Measure Africa Consultancy Company based in Kenya. The ACE Institute has been launched based on several years of expressed interest and demand from our current and potential clients, for high quality, relevant and practical training and capacity building in the field of programme management, monitoring and evaluation based in Africa.

Our Training Experience

Training programmes of the ACE Institute have been developed over time and piloted with various international organizations based in Kenya and the learning applied to the improvement of existing courses and identification and development of new ones. The learning from past trainings is constancy applied to the modification of our training modules, in order to enhance our training methods, outcomes and impacts on participants’ capacity to understand, adapt and apply specific skills to their PME tasks.

Our Approach to training

A key poA key policy of ACE Institute is to ensure maximum benefit to trainees from investment in training. We recognize the scarcity of funds to invest in staff and partner capacity building and training efforts. Therefore we ensure value for money and total client satisfaction through employing a highly pragmatic and practical approach which ensures immediate capacity to apply the learning from training to specific project and programme activities and outputs.

Training Types

MA-ACE Institute offers three types of hands on, practical training in the field of PME: • Annual training offered on rotational basis according to an annual calendar • Group tailor made training geared on specific client needs • Individually tailored training and capacity building with individual professionals on specific tasks involving PME methods, approaches or tools for enhanced adaptation and proficiency.

Costs of training

MA-ACE Institute seeks to engage as many professionals as need training and capacity building in PME to participate and attend training offered by our highly skilled team. Therefore affordability of training is key to encouraging participation. Our costs are competitive and move with the market trends.